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## Who I Am

Samuel A. Falvo II

## What I Do

* Intermediate Blog
  * 2023-Feb-22: A Hyper-pipelined S16X4A Successor?
  * 2023-Feb-19: The Age of Agile Hasn't Even Begun Yet
  * 2023-Feb-05: Musings on BASIC, Forth, ForthBox, and Other Things
  * 2023-Jan-28: Thoughts about Byte Enables
  * 2023-Jan-24: Thinking About Implementing Uxn in FPGA
  * 2023-Jan-11: On Semantic Dictionary Encoding
* Projects
  * VDC-II
  * Kestrel
    * Kestrel-2DX
    * Kestrel Computer Project
  * Backbone Bus